After confirming the eyes, you are our goddess!
  • March is a month of spring when flowers begin to bloom.
    After a fine snow,
    Goddess Festival,
    an exclusive festival for women has quietly come.
  • The great writer Bing Xin once said,
    "If there were no women,
    the world would lose at least
    five-tenths of "truth",
    six-tenths of "goodness",
    and seven-tenths of "beauty".
  • Mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends...
    Young girls
    and new wives
    No matter which kind of status and posture,
    all are the most beautiful color of AODE.
  • Time lapsing cannot take away your wisdom;
    Years passing cannot change your dignity and virtuousness.
  • Grace is a kind of experience,
    and temperament is a kind of precipitation.
    Move forward gracefully,
    and meet the most beautiful self in AODE.

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