Company Profile
Company Profile
  • Suzhou AODE Machinery Co., Ltd.was founded in 2004, it is focused on industrial temperature control, and a professional temperature control unit manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. In order to better meet customers' needs, AODE has built five production bases in Suzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin City. Now we have 18 invention patents, 73 utility model patents, 14 design patents and 7 software copyrights. Moreover, our company has been identified as National High-tech Enterprise, Suzhou High Precision Intelligent Temperature Control Unit Engineering Research Center, Kunshan Science and Technology Research and Development Center and Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise, has obtained Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Boiler) of the People's Republic of China, has won the Champion of Excellent Mold Temperature Control Unit Brands in Die Casting Industry for three consecutive years, and has won several honorary titles such as Suzhou Gazelle Plan Enterprise. After 14 years of focus, persistence and precipitation, we have been unanimously recognized and respected by industry users, and have also built our brand position in the industry.

  • In 2012, our headquarters was established in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, covering an area of 14,000m², and the location became a comprehensive park integrating R&D, production, office and living. In 2017, our second plant was established in Pingqian International Industrial Park, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, covering an area of 10,000m².

  • AODE has been committed to industrial temperature control since its inception, has sufficient R&D reserves and rich practical experience, and is an enterprise manufacturing temperature control units and providing temperature system solutions.

  • Suzhou AODE Machinery Co., Ltd. Headquarters
  • Suzhou AODE Machinery Co., Ltd. Second Factory
  • Shenzhen AODE Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Tianjinglai AODE Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our main products include:

  • High temperature control units: We are the earliest in research and development of quick cooling/heating mold temperature control unit and die casting mold temperature control unit. Our water temperature control unit can control a high temperature of up to 180°C and oil temperature control unit up to 400°C, with a temperature control precision of ±0.1°C. We can customize the most suitable unit according to customer's requirements. Our temperature control units have been widely applied to reaction stills, rollers, die casting machines, rubber extruders, etc.

  • Low temperature control units: In addition to original product lines — air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller, we have also developed air cooled screw chiller, water cooled screw chiller, low-temperature refrigerating unit, cold & hot integrated unit, air cooling unit, oil cooling unit, air source heat pump unit, falling-film water cooled chiller, and constant temperature & humidity unit. In terms of industrial gas cooling, we are capable of developing and producing large low-temperature screw air cooling units. We have developed one type of low-temperature air cooling units with -35°C air outlet temperature, 300kW refrigerating capacity and 10,000m3/h air volume for the first time in China, and have successfully applied them in bulk to fine chemicals.

  • Point cooling machine: We are the first to conduct the research and development of high-pressure point cooling machine, side cooling station and mold temperature control unit. Our main products are high-pressure point cooling machine, side cooling station and mold temperature control unit. High-pressure point cooling machine is used to control the defects of die castings such as shrinkage cavity. Side cooling station and mold temperature control unit are used to realize the heat balance control of molds. At the same time, we provide water purification machine, mold pipe cleaning machine, and mold temperature monitoring system. In addition, we also provide integrated solution for mold temperature control of die casting process.

  • Industrial boilers: We focus on industrial boilers. We have developed a low-nitrogen condensing boiler whose efficiency is up to 100.4%, nitrogen oxide emission is no higher than 30 mg/Nm3, and performance reaches the first-class level in China. We have also developed an intelligent boiler control platform which is a comprehensive information management system integrating data acquisition, analysis, diagnosis, suggestion and display. It improves boiler management level, reduces boiler running cost, improves boiler safety, realizes centralized and information-based management of boilers, and accelerates into the "internet + boiler" intelligent era.

  • Industrial pumps: Our related products include high/low-temperature resistant leakage-free magnetic driving pump, small high-pressure vane pump, small-flow high-lift peripheral pump, and large-flow medium/low-lift centrifugal pump, etc. The products feature high/low temperature resistance, small volume, low noise, low vibration, fine appearance, stable performance, etc. Temperature resistance ranges from -80°C to +350°C. Circulating media include water, heat conduction oil, ethylene glycol, alcohol, hydrocarbon solution, silicone oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, ice refrigerant, and other liquids. MDW high/low-temperature magnetic driving pump, VP vane pump, WD peripheral pump and WL vertical pump take German, Italian and Japanese products as the benchmark, solving the problems of pumps imported from China such as long delivery time, high price and no service, highly recognized by industry customers.

  • We uphold the business philosophy of "Quality, Integrity, Service and Professionalism", make innovation by science and technology, seek development by quality, create brand by integrity, and lay foundation by professionalism. We sincerely hope to work together with friends from all circles for joint development.

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