New mileage is the course of our hearts — Spring Development Activities of Shenzhen Aode
  • In this bloomy spring season, birds were flying long grass. In order to get ready for the new year's work, make our team more united, more capable, and better adapt to the ever-changing market environment, our company specially organized the outdoor development training for management personnel.

  • When we set off, it rained cats and dogs. Despite the bad weather, we were enthusiastic about the development training, and firmly went to the training base.

  • After arriving at the training base, under the arrangement of the coach, we carried out team allocation, passion 99, information transmission, drumming & batting, trust fall, graduation wall and other development activities. Everyone actively participated in each activity. Rain, sweat, tears, pain, laughter and touch were intertwined there. In the final link of summary, many colleagues were touched to tears, came forward to share their feelings and gains, and better integrated them with the future work.

  • General Manager Huang Wenqin also participated in the entire process. In the face of being punished for making mistakes in the training, he stood up as an example and led everyone to experience the hardships and joys of each activity.

  • Although the one-day development training was over, the inner surge lasted for a long time. Everyone benefited a lot from each activity. We overcame the original impossibility, withstood the psychological and physical tests, and truly realized self-knowledge, self-challenge and self-transcendence.

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