Concentrating, new starting- Celebrating Shenzhen Changben's move to the AODE headquarters
  • When the time is auspicious, Ruiqi is coming. On August 27, 2019, it was a worthy day for Ord Machinery. In order to improve customer service quality and optimize business processes, the company decided to relocate Shenzhen Changben Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aude. The German Machinery Suzhou Headquarters has established a Die Casting Division. On the same day, a short welcoming ceremony was held. The general manager of Suzhou Aode, Zhu Xinsheng, deputy general manager Zhou Dingguo, deputy general manager Gong Xingli, general manager of Lankeer Zhang Weijun, general manager of refrigeration business department Zhou Junjun, general manager of boiler business department Yang Jianjun and all employees Participated in the welcoming ceremony.

  • At the welcoming ceremony, the heads of the family have already prepared well, and the red carpet and flowers will show the warmth and warmth of the scene atmosphere, and look forward to witnessing the most milestone moment in the company's development process.

  • In the sound of firecrackers and cheers, Xu Feng, the general manager of the Die Casting Division, led the core members of the team to the red carpet. The fireworks display once again expressed the welcome, and Ms. Gong Xingli sent flowers to Xu on behalf of the board of directors.

  • Subsequently, the Ord Machinery leadership team wore brooch for the die-casting core team.

Headquarters welcome speech

  • At the ceremony, the general manager of Suzhou Aode, Zhu Xinjun and the general manager of Oakland, Mr. Zhang Weijun delivered a speech and sincerely welcomed the die-casting business unit to join the headquarters. In the future, I would like to join hands with the family of the die-casting business unit and look forward to the new face of Ode. new development. I wish "the die-casting business department, the joy of moving, the cohesiveness, the performance of Changhong"!

  • Suzhou Aode General Manager Zhu Xinsheng delivered a speech
  • Speech by Zhang Weijun, General Manager of Oakland Pumps

Die Casting Team Message

  • Xu Feng, general manager of the Die Casting Division, thanked the headquarters for his warm reception. In his speech, he expressed his eagerness to live and develop together with Odd and his wishes for future strategic development. Only move to the blessed land, and the upper floor, the relocation of the die-casting business department is another milestone strategic layout of Ord Machinery. It will lead all the people in the die-casting business unit to walk together and complete the answer with better performance and excellent results.

  • Xu Feng, general manager of Die Casting Division
  • Die Casting Team Message

Taking a group photo

  • The main members of Aude Machinery took a group photo with the core team of the Die Casting Division.

Family chorus

  • Finally, in the singing of "Say We May Make Miracles", the welcoming ceremony is completed.

  • Since the establishment of Aode Machinery, all the family members of Aude have been determined to forge ahead, unite and work hard, develop and innovate, establish a corporate image of integrity and reliability, and achieve leap-forward development. The move of the Die Casting Division is based on the current and long-term planning. The major strategic decision in the final battle marks the beginning of a new development voyage for Ord Machinery.

  • "The prosperity of the world will start again and build new glory." Aode Machinery will join hands and create a better future with a new attitude and higher requirements!

  • To: Customers, partners and friends from all walks of life:
    Hello! Due to the business development needs of our company, since August 27, 2019, Aude Mechanical Die Casting Division (formerly Shenzhen Changben Technology Co., Ltd.) moved to the headquarters office, office address: 228 Wulian Road, Kunshan City, Yushan Town, Jiangsu Province number.

    Tel: 0512-57889715, fax: 0512-57887625‍‍‍‍.

    Thank you for your long-term support and attention to Aude Machinery. Here, all the staff of our company would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the friends!

    Aode Machinery Co., Ltd.

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