Look into the future and fly by dreams — the 8th Strategic Conference of Aode Machinery 2019 was successfully concluded
  • After succeeding, ride rapidly on the horse, and watch all Chang'an flowers in one day;
    People are always sad because the clouds can block out the sun and they can't see Chang'an.

  • Xi'an was called "Chang'an" in ancient times. Chang'an, one ancient imperial capital, is a famous historical city with more than 7,000 years of civilization history, 3,100 years of city construction history and 1,100 years of capital construction history. It is one of the four great ancient capitals of China.

  • During the three-day holiday of 2019 New Year's Day, under the leadership of Chairman Zhou Dingshan, the "8th Strategic Conference" of Aode Machinery was successfully held in Xi'an, a beautiful ancient capital of thirteen dynasties. General managers, deputy general managers, managers and project heads of seven subsidiaries, more than 40 people in total, respectively left Suzhou City, Shenzhen City and Tianjin City for Xi'an to attend the conference.

  • Since 2012, the holding of strategic conferences of AODE has been a process with unified thought, unified goal and unified action. Over the eight years, the strategic target of AODE has been highly unified through holding strategic conferences. The conference not only summarized last year's work, with achievements affirmed and deficiencies reviewed, but also worked out one overall plan for the next year's work. Through the strategic conference, all the top management of AODE Group can stay in the same pattern and at the same level, with highly consistent thought and action.

  • General managers and department heads of the subsidiaries reported the completion of tasks and objectives in 2018, problems in work, and targeted work plans for the coming year.

  • At the conference, Chairman Zhou Dingshan made a summary report on the work of the group in 2018. The status quo of AODE in 2018 was comprehensively summarized. The problems in the work were objectively analyzed. The work in the next year was arranged and deployed in detail according to the goal realization and existing problems in 2018. Chairman Zhou pointed out at the conference: we should firmly grasp the overall situation of the corporate development, change the corporate development strategy and improve the corporate quality. In order to make AODE walk more steadfastly, more stably and more quickly, the first things we need to do in 2019 are as follows:

  • I. Stay true to our original intention. Make AODE achieve more standardized management and stronger competitiveness.
    II. Work hard. All subsidiaries and departments should focus on the corporate operation objectives set at the beginning of the year, actively implement the working thoughts of grasping products, marketing, management and cooperation, standardize the management, innovate the measures, increase the income and reduce the expenditure.
    III. Always think about market competition. Ensure the independence and long-term stability of AODE, and look to the vision and mission of AODE.
    IV. Be confident. Confidence is more important than gold. No matter how much difficulty we will encounter in 2019, we should be full of confidence, work hard to remove adverse factors in the market, and scientifically formulate measures and methods to complete business tasks, to lay a good foundation for our company to achieve steady and healthy development.

  • In 2018, AODE Group achieved another great achievement, namely the annual performance reached RMB 330 million, with an increase of 21% over the previous year. In order to thank the sales elites who had been at the forefront of hard work to create good achievements, on the third day of the conference, the sales elites of each subsidiary of AODE in 2018 were also invited to the conference site and awarded with honors. In the afternoon, in team games, we united as one, found methods and summed up experience from success and failure, making our team more cohesive.

  • After the end of the three-day strategic conference, we started a three-day travel. Among the four most prosperous dynasties of Chinese nation, namely Qin, Han, Tang and Song, the first three established their capital in Xi'an. The prosperous Tang dynasty was represented by Zhenguan and Kaiyuan periods. Xi'an is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and Chinese nation, and the core area of the Belt and Road. It will also be a turning region witnessing the rapid development of AODE.

  • In 2018, we had more passion and drive. In 2019, we will have more tenacity and composure as well as confidence and determination. We will take every step energetically with firm goal and confidence. Goal guides everything, and stability trumps everything. Every employee of AODE always believes in the power of persistence and focus. AODE Machinery inherits Qin and Han dynasties, gathers strength, goes fearlessly ahead, dreams back to Tang dynasty, aims high, minds the world! In 2019, we are sure to create a splendid era of AODE!

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