Special Topic for Boiler Business Training
  • In November, business elites from Shenzhen Aode Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianjin Lai AODE Machinery Co., Ltd. and Boiler Division, subsidiaries of AODE Machinery, gathered at the headquarters in Suzhou City to participate in the two-day boiler business training. The training was organized by Boiler Division. Yang Jianjun, general manager of Boiler Division, attended the training and gave a welcome address.

  • In order to make business elites learn more knowledge of boiler in the short-time training, improve their professional skills, better serve customers and improve customer satisfaction, the training plan was very substantial and specific, combining theory with practice. The two-day training was divided into four links, namely training on basic theoretical knowledge of boiler, training on production process and auxiliary performance, explanation of field layout and system flow of in-use boiler, discussion and analysis of key points and skills during boiler business negotiation.

  • clIn the morning, technical vice president of Boiler Division introduced theoretical knowledge of boiler, and explained the structural performance, technological performance and quality control of boiler in detail, making students further improve their theoretical knowledge of industrial boiler.

  • In the afternoon, Mr. Yang Jianjun (general manager of Boiler Division) and assistant manager of Production Department led students into the workshop, and introduced the production process of boiler and the knowledge of boiler auxiliaries on the spot. Each procedure of boiler production is required to be carried out according to the requirements of boiler regulations and quality assurance system. In particular, special positions must pass strict inspection before entering next procedure. General Manager Mr. Yang introduced the use of boiler auxiliaries and their roles to students in detail, laying a good foundation for our business elites to sell boilers in future.

  • Next, General Manager Mr. Yang and sales director led students to customer's boiler house for field learning, making students understand the layout and operation process of boiler house in more detail. The field explanation and analysis further deepened their intuitive understanding of boiler.

  • Mr. Yang, Mr. Wang and students jointly completed the explanation and analysis of classic boiler system flow, with questions asked and answered. Finally, collective discussion was made on how to strengthen the boiler business sales work, and detailed analysis was made on common problems and key points of boiler sales.

  • Through the training and exchange, business elites deepened their own understanding of industrial boiler from all aspects and enhanced their own confidence to accept the orders of boiler business, condensing the teamwork and cooperation, and achieving the expected goal. The training plays a positive role in improving the future market share of "AODE" boilers. The training was concluded successfully in the applause of students.

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