AODE Machinery: Customer witnesses our ingenuity and quality — the units made in 2005 have run for 13 years!
  • In this golden autumn of October, we continued the return visit to old customers. This time, we came to Dongguan Lianhui Yingjin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lianhui Yingjin"), which had cooperated with us for 13 years.

  • Lianhui Yingjin, founded in 2005, specializes in all kinds of plastic optical lens, ophthalmic lens, cosmetics packaging bottle and plastic bottles, and mainly produces photoelectric mouse lens, magnifying glass, optical lens, all kinds of plastic containers, plastic sprayer, distributor, vacuum flask, beauty equipment (small appliances), and mobile power supply. Lianhui Yingjin has the R&D, design, molding, injection molding, assembly and other production capacities, and is an enterprise integrating pattern, molding, injection molding, spraying, screen printing and assembly.

  • After walking into the injection molding workshop of Lianhui Yingjin, what greeted us were AODE AOS-05A units. Although their appearance looked a little old, their normal operation was not affected. AOS-05A units are our standard model, run from normal temperature to 180°C, and are widely used in injection molding, printing, laminating, etc.

  • Mr. Liu Zhihong, general manager of Lianhui Yingjin, had a cordial meeting with Mr. Huang Wenqin, general manager of Shenzhen Aode Machinery Co., Ltd., for deep discussion and communication about the bilateral cooperation. Mr. Liu recalled his first contact with AODE mold temperature control units in a Hong Kong-funded enterprise when he was responsible for technology and equipment management. At that time, the product quality and service philosophy of AODE made a profound impression on him. Therefore, in 2005, when he started his own business, he did not hesitate to choose the mold temperature control units manufactured by AODE. Now, it has been 13 years since he bought the earliest batch of mold temperature control units. It is no exaggeration to say that these units rarely break down and production operations are never interrupted during the use for more than a decade in accordance with Machine Maintenance Guidance. Choosing high quality AODE mold temperature control units can effectively eliminate customers' extra worries.

  • Mr. Huang said that the one trying to wear the crown must bear the weight. In the face of the increasingly fierce market, AODE will devote to promote product R&D, technology innovation, cost optimization, craft pursuit and after-sales service. Speaking of the 13-year partner, we not only should be grateful for the support and trust given by Mr. Liu to AODE brand, but also should strengthen and innovate our own service quality. Customer's experience of service with excellent quality and reasonable price is our best witness, is the capital for us to win evergreen, and is an important factor for us to keep a foothold in the industry. Thank Mr. Liu's choice and love of AODE brand again. We look more forward to continuing to walk together with Lianhui Yingjin to jointly create brilliance.

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